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Letter in reply to 'The Weekly Worker'.

By Tony Clark

A nutshell history of 20th century marxism - and right now. Can there be such a thing as a "Stalinism with an ecological twist"?.




Letter to 'The Weekly Worker' - The defeat of socialism in the 1980s and 1990s was an ideological defeat.

By Tony Clark

With the neo-liberal capitalist "utopia" now in tatters, the left can confidently assert the need for an ecologically sustainable socialist society based on planned production for need.




PEAK OIL: Permanent Crisis Capitalism.

By Tony Clark

Capitalism is entering a new period of permanent energy crisis as oil production peaks and goes into rapid decline.


"Stalinizm" - Londra’daki Sarat Akademisi’de Yapilan Konusma.

Çeviren Garbis Altinoglu

In Turkish - Bill Bland's "Stalinism"

(Translated by Garbis Altinoglu. To read this in English, see "Stalinism")

Links to articles by Garbis Altinoglu Turkey’s Kurdish Problem and its Impact on Northern Iraq

Beytushebap Massacre: Lies and Crimes of Turkish Militarists

Trotskyism - Left In Form, Right In Essence.
By Tony Clark

A talk presented at the Stalin Society in London in September 2007.


Ticktin's Revisionist Campaign.

By Tony Clark

A conference of left-wing revisionists recently decided on a sixteen-point platform as the basis for their campaign for a new Marxist Party, openly declaring that "there are no Marxist parties or would-be Marxist parties or groups in existence".



Since Krushchev's Infamous Secret Speech.

By Wilf Dixon

The 20th Congress of the CPSU marked a turning point in the history of the struggle of workers and oppressed peoples.


The most counter-revolutionary force in the working class.

The International Marxist-Leninist Review interviews Tony Clark

The reformist social democratic movement has been pro-imperialist since 1914, standing with the bourgeoisie against the working class at every opportunity.


Defending the Indefensible.

By Tony Clark

100 Years of Permanent Revolution.



By Tony Clark

The first lesson of the 20th Century for revolutionaries


Letter to the Weekly Worker.

By Tony Clark

What is in fact the first and foremost lesson of the “short 20th Century” ?


Trotskyism or Leninism: An Historical Outline.

By Tim Logan (CPGB-ML)

Recent years have witnessed a revival of Trotskyism aided by the capitalists in the imperialist countries, in particular by the growth of a labour aristocracy funded by imperialist super-profits.


Letter to the central committee of the Workers Revolutionary Party.

By Tony Clark

Lenin’s view of the world revolutionary process and Trotsky's opposition to building socialism in one country.


Bourgeois democracy and proletarian democracy.

By Wilf Dixon

A talk given to the Stalin Society on 24th July 2005.


The state of Russian communism from the perspective of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks.

Translated by Kevin Cain

This paper deals with the disunity within Russian communism today.


On the Political Role of Sectarianism in the Anti-War Movement.

By Tony Clark

Clark argues that the political role of sectarianism is to divert people away from participating in the mass movement.


Imperialist Forces Out of Iraq!

By John B. Green

A CP Alliance leaflet distributed   at  the Stop the War Demonstration of 19th March 2005.


A Brief Guide.

By Tony Clark

A brief guide to the ideological differences between Marxism-Leninism and Trotskyism.


A New Surface on
"The British Road".

By W. B. Bland.

Bland’s criticism, written in 1975, refers to the old CPGB, whose revisionist programme has passed to the Communist Party of Britain.

A Reply to Hillel Ticktin.

By Tony Clark

Tony Clark replies to Hillel Ticktin's letter in the Weekly Worker which, like so much bourgeois propaganda, castigates "Stalinism".


By Tony Clark

Notes for a talk given to the Stalin Society by Tony Clark.


By Tony Clark

A Critique of the Economic and Philosophic Science Review (EPSR).


By John B. Green

The EPSR claims, falsely, that Stalin told the world proletariat in 1952 (in ‘Economic Problems of Socialism’) that the Soviet States would overtake capitalism because capitalism was incapable of further expansion and that all that was required was for the international working class to live in peaceful co-existence with capitalism to achieve the victory. This pamphlet addresses these arguments.

Book Review:


A History of the Communist Party of the United States Since 1945

By David A. Shannon.

Reviewed by T. Clark

Although the book is written from a liberal anti-communist standpoint, Shannon strives for a certain degree of objectivity. What results is an interesting, even colourful account of American communist politics in the early post-war years.

T. Clark summarises and assesses the work.

Letter from a High School Student.

J. B. Green.

'Concerns on Socialism' Topic.

This letter asks questions that High School professors want to answer as negatively as possible.

The Dialectical
World Revolutionary Process

T. Clark.

An Open Letter to Trotskyists.

Trotsky founded the Fourth International on two great falsehoods.
This letter describes the roots of Trotskyism and demonstrates its divergence from Leninism.

Book Review:

The Enemy Within.

The rise and fall of the British Communist Party

By Francis Beckett.

Reviewed by T. Clark

Francis Beckett traces the rise, decline and fall of the former British Communist Party. The final (dissolution) meeting of the party was held at the TUC central London headquarters in November 1991.

T. Clark assesses the work and summarises the history.

Book Review:

The Silent Takeover.
Global Capitalism and the
Death of Democracy
By Noreena Hertz.

Reviewed by T. Clark

This book is about how the big corporations are invading all aspects of capitalist social and political life in face of the retreat of the State.

But it is hard to determine what Hertz, who prefaces her criticisms with praise, actually understands by 'capitalism'. For example:


Hertz does not notice that the international conglomerates are all based on highly socialised production and are directed by a plan; that society has therefore outgrown capitalist ownership of the means of production; that global capitalism represents immense wealth based on socialised production side by side with abject poverty, even in the richest capitalist country, USA.

Social Democratic Delusions.

By H. Powell.

RESPECT talks about "a crisis of representation, a democratic deficit, at the heart of politics in Britain".

What this sort of reformist politics ignores is the fact that our whole society is fundamentally undemocratic - and that capitalist reform is not today an option.

Marxism and Class: Some Definitions.

By W. B. Bland.

The Marxist Definition of Class.

Lenin characterises the labour aristocracy as "an insignificant minority of the working class."

This contribution defines the Marxist concept of the 'petty bourgeoisie' and relates it to Britain in the 21st century.

Book Review:
Trotsky's Analysis of Soviet Bureaucratisation

By David W. Lovell.

Reviewed by T. Clark

Lovell emphasises that Trotsky's contribution to the debate on the nature of the Soviet Union after Lenin was fundamentally of a moral character.

Trotsky failed to see the obvious: if the nature of the bureaucracy was contradictory, attaching the label of 'counterrevolutionary' to it was inappropriate.

Socialism and Bureaucracy.

T. Clark.

The problem of bureaucracy during the socialist transformation.

Peaceful Coexistence - Two Diametrically Opposed Policies.

From People's Daily and Red Flag December 12, 1963.

The revisionists distorted the Leninist policy of peaceful coexistence into an opportunist strategy to undermine anti-imperialist revolution.
But Trotskyists and pseudo-left elements repudiate the Leninist policy altogether, confusing it with the Khrushchevite policy.

Trotsky and the Anti-Lenin Conspiracy.

By T. Clark.

After the February Russian revolution of 1917, the Provisional Government under Alexander Kerensky conducted a witch-hunt against Lenin and the Bolshevik party.
What was Trotsky's stand in all this?

An Historic Victory of Marxism-Leninism over Revisionism.

Tirana, 1971.

This document represents the high point in the struggle against modern revisionism in the communist movement.
It is invaluable in studying the nature of revisionism and how it came to dominate many communist parties around the world.

Stalin On Trotskyism.

From J. V. Stalin, On the Opposition.

Part VI of The Trotskyist Opposition Before and Now with an introduction.

Stalin And Khruschev: A Dialectical Contrast.

By Professor K. Majid.

An incisive condemnation of Khrushchevite revisionism, which emerged in the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin in 1953. The paper also criticises the revisionists in Britain for adhering to Khrushchev's line of a peaceful transition to socialism.

Break With the Imperialist Labour Party!

By Tony Clark.

The struggle against imperialism necessitates a determined struggle against social democracy. Marxist-leninists must strive to break the working class from following the Labour Party leadership.

On Sectarianism.

By John B. Green.

"Lines of demarcation have been drawn between those who uphold the principles of Marxism-Leninism and those who attack these principles..."

The Truth About Stalin.

By Wilf Dixon.

A talk given to the Secular Society.

The Origin and Development of Revisionism in the C.P.G.B. (Part 1).

By Wilf Dixon

Opportunism - its roots and development.

The Origin and Development of Revisionism in the C.P.G.B. (Part 2).

By Wilf Dixon.

The Labour Party - Party of Imperialism or the "left".

Lenin's Theory of the World Revolutionary Process.

By Tony Clark.

In this short article, T. Clark clearly explains the Marxist-Leninist viewpoint. If you are researching this area, you cannot do better than to begin your studies here.

Che Guevara
Che Guevara

An article on Ernesto "Che" Guevara, by J. J. Lawrence written for Communist Party Alliance.

Oppose the New Imperialism!

Text of a leaflet for a Stop the War! demonstration against war on Iraq.
By Communist Party Alliance.

The Communist Party of China and the 20th Congress of the CPSU.

The rise of modern revisionism in the international communist movement after the death of J. V. Stalin.
By the British and Irish Communist Organisation.

'The Third International After Lenin’

The International Marxist-Leninist Review interviews T. Clark in depth on Trotsky's seminal work.


"Trotsky’s ‘Third International After Lenin’ is a continuation of Trotsky’s struggle against Leninism."

"...Trotsky lost the ideological struggle because all his core arguments could not stand up to serious criticism. Trotsky lost because the party and the working class wanted to hold on to power and build socialism ‘in one country’, and Trotsky told them it could not be done, and when they turned to Lenin’s writings they found that the latter regarded it as possible."

"‘The Third International After Lenin’ by L. Trotsky is a strange, surreal work, setting out to prove that Lenin was against Leninism and that therefore he must have been a Trotskyist."

The theory of 'socialism in one country'.

The International Marxist-Leninist Review interviews T. Clark following his article on the origins of the theory of socialism in one country.

N. Khrushchev - his role in the anti-Stalin campaign and in the destruction of socialism.

By Cathie Majid

A paper presented to a meeting of the Stalin Society in London in June 1993.

The fight against bureaucracy in the Soviet Union.

By Carlos Rule

"Lenin and the Bolsheviks ... estimated that the dictatorship was menaced ‘from inside’ by the bureaucratisation of the Soviet state apparatus".
Ludo Martens, ‘Another View of Stalin’.

American Expansionism and Iraq

Text of a leaflet advertising an CP Alliance Public Meeting.

Albania and China

K. Majid traces the development and decline of the early anti-revisionist movement as it battled with modern revisionism, personified by the Khruschevites.


The Juche Idea  in
the light of  Marxism-Leninism

In 1992, the DPRK revised its constitution to exclude any reference to Marxism-Leninism. Gary Howell describes the main features of the Juche Idea and contrasts it with Marxism.

Communist History and Ideology.

Discussions concerning the main ideas of Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky.

The Communist Revolution
and  the  Middle  Strata

One of the basic questions of the workers revolution - discussed by Tony Clark.

End the War
John B. Green

The text of a leaflet, a brief statement against the war.

An ABC of Communism

An introduction to some of the ideas of Communism. We hope this will be of interest to students of Marxism-Leninism and to people who are just coming into contact with Communist ideas for the first time.

The International Marxist-Leninist Review No. 3/2001

The third issue of the publication of the NCMLU.

In Memory of Bill Bland

Bill Bland and the National Committee for Marxist-Leninist Unity
An address made to the Stalin Society on 22nd April 2001 by John B. Green.

The National Question in Britain

An analysis of the National Question in Britain by W. B. Bland for Communist Party Alliance (NCMLU).


Proletarian No. 1 - Reprint.
Economism, Tailism and
the New Communist Party

To check out the NCP's
New Worker, go to:

In spite of the incorrect standpoint of the Proletarian group as regards the CPSU,   this was a ground-breaking document, containing an essential exposition of Marxism-Leninism concerning the concept of  levels of consciousness in the class.
This is an historic document, one which is as relevant today as when it was first published in the early eighties!

British Neo-Imperialism

A study of the development of modern British Imperialism from The Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau.

The Proletariat in Britain

The Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau is a constituent body of Communist Party Alliance.
This study analyses the nature of the proletariat and other classes in modern Britain.

Communist League (Compass)
Link to Site

Compass is the publication of The Communist League.
The late Bill Bland was a prominent member of the Communist League and was also active in the Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau of Communist Party Alliance.


Marx and the Theory of the Absolute Impoverishment of the Working Class Under Capitalism

A revisionist theory: An exposé by Cde. W. B. Bland under the auspices of the Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau of Communist Party Alliance.

The Role of the Revolutionary Newspaper Today

Text of a short talk given to the Stalin Society by John B. Green.

Marxism and Law Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau on Soviet Jurisprudence 04-Jun-00
Anarchism Vs. Marxism Anarchism as a trend opposed to Marxism-Leninism 29-May-00
London's Mayor A discussion concerning the nature of 'Parliamentary Democracy' and our position on the election. 29-May-00
Imperialism & Left Unity

John B. Green describes a petit-bourgeois deviation within the communist movement.

The Struggle for Unity

The need for a single leadership centre: Here Tony Clark of Communist Party Alliance exposes the class forces behind the divisions in the Marxist-Leninist movement and those behind the struggle for unity. This now has an INDEX for ease of reference.

The Socialist Labour Party

The historical background to the formation of the Socialist Labour Party

Work for Communist Unity -
Fight Opportunism!

A statement by the French Collective Eugene Pottier (CEP) on "the sterile divisions which today characterize the communist movement"

Stalin's Antibureaucrat Scenario

A review of the introduction by Lars T. Lih to Stalin's Letters to Molotov

Prospect of Disaster

John B. Green of Communist Party Alliance puts the case against the Open Polemic group, who argued that democratic centralism should be replaced by 'multanimity'. Their ground has shifted since, but the game's the same.


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