The Labour Party long ago established itself firmly as a defender of capitalism in alliance with the bourgeoisie, a pro-imperialist party. Since then, working class politics in Britain has been polarised into two camps on the question of the correct attitude of communists to the Labour Party.

Below, I take the view that the division on the left in regard to Labour is a political expression of a split in the working class. This division is between a relatively privileged minority of workers (the labour aristocracy) and the majority of the working class, whose material interests diverge. The role of the privileged stratum (who benefit from the existence of imperialism) is to prevent the working class from breaking with the Labour Party, to protect imperialism and thereby to keep their privileges. This revisionist, pseudo-communist stratum has no interest in the socialist revolution because this would disrupt their privileged life-style. Consequently they oppose any struggle to break the masses from following the Labour Party. This division is the main political division in working class politics today.

The struggle against imperialism requires a struggle against social democracy, which in Britain is represented by the Labour Party and all those who are against the working class breaking from Labour. It is the duty of marxist-leninists to organise independently of the pro-Labour camp, to wage a struggle to break the working class from following the Labour Party leadership.

BECAUSE Britain is an imperialist state, based on state monopoly capitalism, and because the Labour Party defends monopoly capitalism and its state, no one can deny the Marxist-Leninist view that the Labour Party is without doubt an imperialist party.

Historically the Labour Party has always defended British imperialism, and joined with US imperialism in the struggle against socialism. Indeed, the Labour Party, through its leadership, has supported and promoted counterrevolution around the world. The Labour Party has never defended the national liberation movements fighting against imperialism. Instead, these social-imperialists have conducted wars against those fighting for national liberation and socialism. Tony Blair calls on the British people to defend 'our way of life', i.e., imperialism.

Through its leadership, the Labour Party has committed many crimes against the oppressed peoples in the world, who are struggling against imperialism. The pro-imperialist Labour leaders supported US imperialism's war against North Vietnam, in which the US imperialists killed countless innocent men, women and children. More recently, the British social-imperialist leadership connived with their friends, the US imperialists, in waging war against Iraq, in the name of ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. The real reason was the re-colonisation of Iraq to secure oil supplies, without which present day capitalism could not survive.

As we all know, this war, as well as the previous one against Afghanistan, was billed as the War against Terrorism, following the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

The truth is that the oppressed are driven to terrorism against an imperialist system which is murdering them. This imperialist system, with the support of the Labour Party, causes the deaths of millions of people in the world. And it is clear that only by stopping imperialism and the deaths and poverty it imposes on millions of people, will it be possible to defeat terrorism. Imperialism has bred terrorism. Although terrorism itself is not a solution to the world's problems, it is the outcome of a long history of oppression of the masses by the imperialists. Indeed, it is a fact that the imperialists have killed far more people than the terrorists could ever hope to do.

For this reason, Marxist-Leninists must put the blame for terrorism squarely on the shoulders of the imperialists and their social-imperialist lackeys in the labour movement.

The Labour Party, precisely because it is an imperialist party, has never expelled any of its leaders for supporting imperialist oppression and terrorism against the anti-imperialist masses in the world who are fighting for national liberation and socialism and against racism.

If the Labour Party were anti-imperialist, it would not tolerate a pro-imperialist leadership for one second. Whatever concessions the social-imperialist Labour leadership has made to the British working class was made to win their support for the continuation of British imperialism, at the expense of the oppressed masses in the world fighting for national liberation and socialism.

The Labour Party is a shamelessly imperialist party wading more than knee-deep in the blood of the oppressed masses who have fought, are fighting and will continue to fight against imperialist oppression and imposed poverty on the world's masses. The Labour Party, like social democracy in general, is the political expression of the material interest of that privileged stratum of the working class and the petty-bourgeois elements who benefit from imperialist oppression of the world. They are opposed to revolution and communism. They, like the bourgeoisie which they serve, are fighting against humanity making the transition to the man-made paradise, which is more than possible today on the basis of modern science and the high level of development of technology and productive forces already attained by society.

The selfish desire of the bourgeoisie and their Social-Democratic allies to restrict wealth and prosperity to a tiny minority of the world's population expresses the limitations of capitalism and is the essence of the struggle against communism and their class hostility to Marxism. But since the productive forces are so highly developed and technology will continue to advance, the masses and the world intelligentsia will increasingly see that the bourgeoisie and their social-imperialist stooges are holding back a better life and world for everyone.

In Britain, those who cannot see that the Labour Party is a pro-imperialist party opposed to socialism, one that opposes the struggle against imperialism being conducted by the oppressed masses of the world, are useless for anti-imperialist revolution and the struggle for socialism.

For this reason, Marxist-Leninists must reject the pro-Labour left, the revisionist, pseudo-communist elements, and fight to break the working class from following the pro-imperialist and social-imperialist Labour Party. Without this, there can be no talk of socialism or the struggle against imperialism.

In order to defeat the Labour Party and the pro-Labour leftists, Communists must form a separate party independent of social-democracy, to wage ideological struggle against the revisionist-pseudo-communist elements whose role is to defend the Labour Party in the revolutionary movement and in the working class.


Tony Clark

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