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Name Description
About Communist Party Alliance An invitation to join CP Alliance.

The CP Alliance homepage.

Campaign Join the Campaign for Marxist-Leninist Unity!
Guide to this Site This page!
What We Stand For Where We Stand.
Whats New? A list of recently added pages with a link to a separate list of older pages on the site with descriptions.
Click to open this folder Commentaries This contains critiques of some of the parties and groups of the 'Left' in Britain.
Open Polemic. The case against the Open Polemic group, who argued that democratic centralism should be replaced by 'multanimity'. Their ground has shifted since, but the game's the same.
Socialist Labour Party. As the document title states, this is a background history of Socialist Labour, putting it into the context of Social Democracy.
Proletarian No.1. This is a re-issue of the part of Proletarian No. 1 that has continuing relevance today.
Labour Party. The struggle against imperialism requires a struggle against social democracy, which in Britain is represented by the Labour Party and all those who are against the working class breaking from Labour. It is the duty of marxist-leninists to organise independently of the pro-Labour camp, to wage a struggle to break the working class from following the Labour Party leadership.
Click to open this folder Courses of Marxism-Leninism This folder contains two short Courses of Study on Marxism-Leninism. The first course comprises eight Classes. The idea of this course is to allow development through discussion, which can be useful to developed Marxist-Leninists and beginners alike. The second course is a brief presentation of communist principles. We expect disagreement on many issues.
Click to open this folder Research Our research institute is called 'The Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau'. Most of the work of the MLRB until recently was carried out by the late W. B. Bland. Only some of this has so far been loaded onto the website.
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International Marxist-Leninist Review This is our journal. Well worth reading in my opinion!
About our journal

A brief introduction to our journal, including a note about name changes.

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IML Review No. 1 This is our FIRST journal from 1999. It contains the following items:
  Foreword: What the Committee Stands For
  The Revolutionary Newspaper in the Struggle Today.
  Why did the Soviet Union collapse?
  A reply to the above by the Committee.
  Uniting the Anti-revisionist movement.
  Sectarianism and the Principle of Dialectical Unity.
  The United Front of Communists.
  Stalin's Anti-bureaucrat Scenario.
  The Struggle in Kosova.
  The Road Ahead.
Click to open this folder IML Review No. 2 This is our SECOND journal from April 2000. It contains the following items:
  Foreword: Imperialism and the Left.
  The NCMLU replies to its critics.
  The WPK's Struggle Against Revisionism.
  The Workers Party of Korea and Revisionism.
  Ireland: The Way Forward.
Click to open this folder IML Review No. 3 Our THIRD journal (3: 2001), with the following items:
  Foreword: The Party, Unity and United Fronts.
  Commemoration: Bill Bland and the NCMLU.
  For a United Front of Communists.
  The Way Forward: Letter from An Irish Comrade.
  The Way Forward: Reply from NCMLU.
  The Way Forward: Reply to the reply.
  British Neo-imperialism.
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Statements Sometimes the Committee discusses an issue and decides to make a Statement. Statements reflect the majority view, but not all participants will be of like mind, and probably not everyone who votes in favour of a Statement still has the same view a week later!
Click to open this folder Study Links A set of links to libraries or research material. We don't guarantee the content of every site we list.
We want to list here any site that can usefully inform students of Marxism-Leninism.
Click to open this folder Try these links We have links to interesting political sites for many reasons.
Of course, communists require a good understanding of all political views. The inclusion of a link does not necessarily mean that we agree with all the views expressed on the site.
Click to open this folder Write to us! We'd like to hear from you. Write and tell us your views about the items on this site, other issues we should be discussing, where you think we're wrong (or right!)...

If you don't have access to email right now, please use this 'Submission Form' to write. If possible, include a return email address.