CP Alliance statements reflect the majority view, but not all participants will be of like mind!

Oppose the New Imperialism.

The text of a short leaflet opposing war on Iraq.

Stop the War.

The text of a leaflet opposing war on Afghanistan and Iraq.

American Expansionism and Iraq.

A brief statement opposing imperialist war on Iraq, the text of a short leaflet.

Kosova: Just and unjust war.

A brief statement. It says that the duty of Marxist-Leninists was both to oppose the imperialist war and to oppose the unjust war against the Kosova people.

The US-led imperialist war in the balkans.

This condemns "the barbarous war of aggression... waged against Serbia" by the United State of America and the other NATO imperialist states. The statement also supports the rights of the Kosovar Albanians.

Genocide in Kosova.

This statement condemned the bombing campaign and supported the view of Malcolm Harper, Director of the United Nations Association in Britain, that a resolution of the crisis required joint diplomatic action with Russia.

Betrayal of the Kosovars.

'The revisionists argue that Kosova is not a nation because it forms at present part of the Serbian and Yugoslav states. ...

Sooner or later the objective need of the Kosovar people for genuine independence will assert itself in the form of the outbreak of armed struggle, and this will bring the freedom fighters of Kosova -- whatever name they may then call themselves -- in conflict with both Serbia and NATO.

Ireland: The Way Forward

"Today, the situation has radically changed and the British imperialists have had to accept the prospect of the transformation of Northern Ireland from directly ruled colony to indirectly ruled neo-colony and eventual fusion with the neo-colony in the south. This changed position is manifested not only in the Good Friday power-sharing agreement of last year, but in such things as the restrictions on the Orange marches. This strategy has the backing of the government of the Republic and of the American imperialists."

Mayor of London.

"Some of those who claim to be on the Left -- even to be Marxist-Leninists -- maintained that since the London mayoralty forms part of British 'parliamentary democracy', Socialists should abstain from voting on the grounds that parliamentary democracy is obsolete."