Open Polemic.

Prospect of Disaster:

John B. Green of CP Alliance puts the case against the Open Polemic group, who argued that democratic centralism should be replaced by 'multanimity'. Their ground has shifted since, but the game's the same.

Socialist Labour Party.

The historical background to the formation of the Socialist Labour Party - By W. B. Bland


Economism, Tailism and the New Communist Party
(The journal Proletarian No. 1)

In spite of the incorrect standpoint of the Proletarian group as regards the CPSU, this was a ground-breaking document, containing an essential exposition of Marxism-Leninism concerning the concept of levels of consciousness in the class.

This is an historic document, one which is as relevant today as when it was first published in the early eighties!

Labour Party.

The struggle against imperialism requires a struggle against social democracy, which in Britain is represented by the Labour Party and all those who are against the working class breaking from Labour. It is the duty of marxist-leninists to organise independently of the pro-Labour camp, to wage a struggle to break the working class from following the Labour Party leadership.

Social Democratic alliances.

RESPECT talks about "a crisis of representation, a democratic deficit, at the heart of politics in Britain". What this sort of reformist politics ignores is the fact that our whole society is fundamentally undemocratic.


A Critique of the Economic and Philosophic Science Review (EPSR).

CP Alliance