PLEASE NOTE: Our members do not necessarily agree with all content of the sites listed. We take the view that discussion must take place between Communists of different views in order for progress to be made.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

"Featuring Daily Workers' Internet Edition that presents contemporary Marxist-Leninist thought on Britain and the world and contains archives of WDIE and internet editions of Workers' Weekly newspaper of RCPBML and other documents of the Party"

Communist Party of Britain.

"The need for popular resistance and class struggle, for the working class to take state power in fact, is as great as ever."

New Communist Party of Britain.

"We are Communists because we believe in Socialism. We stand for peace and nuclear disarmament. For freedom from want and exploitation. Our weekly newspaper is the "New Worker".
The NCP works together with the RCPB(ML) on the Korean Friendship and Solidarity Campaign and exchanges of views on other issues take place on a regular basis. Informal discussions have also taken place with the CPS, CPB and the CPB(ML). "

Communist League

The Communist League is an anti-revisionist organisation of Marxist-Leninists.


Alliance, established in 1989, wishes to assist in the re-building of a Marxist-Leninist, principled unity in both Canada and the USA. We argue that a dispassionate international debate amongst Marxist-Leninists is essential to clarify the historical positions of Marxist-Leninists and to re-establish the party in each country and the International.

International Struggle Marxist-Leninist

(ISML). The ISML is a non-sectarian grouping open to all who believe themselves to be Marxist-Leninists. Their Founding Principles call explicitly for a principled debate amongst the world's Marxist-Leninists.


'An independent, non-partisan, FREE web on all things Korean: Her history, culture, economy, politics and military - since 1995.'
This site also has some useful research links!

Workers Party of Belgium

"Every week our webpage offers you the editorial and some main articles from our weekly publication Solidaire, in French and in Dutch."

Progressive Labor Party

"Fight For Communism - Power to the Workers!"