We have published three annual journals since the formation of the Committee in January 1998, and since 2002 we have produced pamphlets based on site content instead of annual journals. We have also undergone several changes of name, reflected in the journals reproduced here.

We began life as the Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party, arguing for Marxist-Leninists to unite, eventually to form a single political party to replace the amateurish group mentality which characterizes the Left in this country and indeed in every imperialist country.

In October 1998, our members decided that it was necessary to emphasise that we are a national body, and voted for the change to the National Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party (NCMLP).

In April 2000, we changed our name to the National Committee for Marxist-Leninist Unity (NCMLU). Members felt that the inclusion of the word 'Party' at that time could be misleading - we did not at that time constitute a party. We wanted to emphasise that we were still a unity committee, composed of groups and individual members from diverse communist political origins, working together and finding our way forward.

In March 2003, the NCMLU became Communist Party Alliance (CP Alliance). We continue to promote the National Campaign for Marxist-Leninist Unity (NCMLU) and the construction of a single Communist Party, free of revisionist trends, wth roots in our class.

The editorial policy of the International Marxist-Leninist Review as presently constituted is to encourage debate at a high level in order to bring the differences, real or assumed, of Marxist-Leninists to light as a means of resolving disputed questions. We have published a short talk by John Green of CP Alliance from 1995, 'The Role of the Revolutionary Newspaper in the Struggle Today', which is available on our site. It has to be remembered, though, that our review and website do not yet have sufficient resources fully to assume the role described in the talk.

In spite of this consideration, this website contains some of the most advanced material to be found on the revolutionary left.

Available journals: 1999 2000 2001

The journal of the National Campaign for Marxist-Leninist Unity is obtainable from our correspondence address: