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The MLRB was founded by the late W.B. Bland and has a long history in the movement.

The Role of the Revolutionary
Newspaper Today.

The role of the newspaper (including electronic) in the contemporary revolutionary struggle, by John B. Green.

Also translated into Russian: HERE

Also translated into Italian: on this site

On Sectarianism.

The 'left' in Britain is characterised by sectarianism.
What are the main reasons for this in an imperialist country? John Green examines the causes.

The Struggle for Unity.

The necessity for a single leadership centre, by T. Clark.


A shattering analysis of anarchism by W.B. Bland.

The Socialist Labour Party.

The history of the SLP, by W. B. Bland.

The Proletariat in Britain.

The Proletariat in Britain, defined by W. B. Bland.

British Neo-Imperialism.

Britain's imperialism of the 21st century,
by W. B. Bland.

The National Question in Britain.

The National Question in Britain, by W. B. Bland.

The Communist Revolution and
the Middle Strata.

One of the basic questions of the workers revolution discussed by Tony Clark.

Marx and the Theory of the Absolute
Impoverishment of the Working
Class Under Capitalism.

A revisionist theory: An exposť by W. B. Bland.

Marxism & Law.

Soviet Jurisprudence researched by W. B. Bland.

Marxism and Class: Some Definitions.

The Marxist Definition of Class. By W. B. Bland.

The Restoration Of Capitalism In The Soviet Union.

A major work by W. B. Bland.