Communist League Bibliography

Compass - theoretical journal of the Communist League

Compass, February/March 1975; 30 pages

Classes in modern Britain;

The national question in Britain;

A new surface on "the British Road";

On the cultural front: the CPGB surrenders;

The October revolution betrayed.

Compass, April 1975; 80 pages

Revisionism in Russia.

Trotsky against the Bolsheviks, part 1: to 1914

Compass, May 1975; 92 pages

Revisionism in Russia

Trotsky against the Bolsheviks part 2: 1914 - 1917.

Compass, January 1977; 91 pages

Revisionism in Germany. Part one: to 1922.

Compass, April 1977; 46 pages

M N Roy and the Colonial Question, part 1

Compass, July 1977; 14 pages

Albania exposes Chinese revisionism

Compass, December 1977; 77 pages

MN Roy and the Colonial Question, part 2

Compass, June 1978; 62 pages

The Hungarian "Soviet Republic" of 1919

Compass 1979; 86 pages

Nyerere's "African Socialism" A cloak for neo-colonialism

Compass October 1984; 16 pages

The miners' struggle;

Albania. the 40th anniversary;

The 'Belgrano': Thatcher's Watergate.

Compass, February 1986; 12 pages

Behind Westland (the separation of finance and industry)

Compass, June 1986; 9 pages

Nuclear Power: the question of safety;

The example of Albania;


Are the Jews a nation?

Compass, October 1986; 44 pages

The revolutionary process in South Africa.

Compass No 79B, August 1990; 10 pages

The civil war in Liberia;

The class struggle;

The unacceptable face...;

In the former socialist world.

Compass No 88A, August 1990; 7 pages

The invasion of Kuwait.

Compass No 87, August 1990; 10 pages

The civil war in Liberia.

Compass No 79B, August 1990; 22 pages

Revisionism raises its head in Albania

Compass No 80, October 1990; 8 pages

The 'setting up' of Iraq;

The meaning of ERM;

The coup in Pakistan;

The civil war in Liberia;

In the Former socialist world;


The unacceptable face... ;

The Tories lose Eastbourne.

Compass No 81, November 1990; 2 pages

The coup in Downing Street (Thatcher resigns)

Compass No 82, December 1990; 12 pages

Thatcher Mark 2! (The election of John Major);

The Gulf: the drive to war;

Albania succumbs to revisionism;

Crisis in the Soviet Union;

In Eastern Europe;


Death throes of the CPGB;

Class struggle;

The unacceptable face

Compass No 83, February 1991; 7 pages

Imperialism launches its war (against Iraq);

The unacceptable face

Compass No 90, September 1991; 9 pages

The coup in the Soviet Union;

The resurgence of nationalism;


The 'Bank of crime and cocaine international';

The acceptab1e face...

Compass No 92; November 1991; 41 pages

An open letter sent on behalf of the Communist League to the 'New Communist Party' (the origins of revisionism in the Soviet Union).

Compass No 94, February 1992; 11 pages

The liquidation of the Soviet Union;


partition in South Africa?;

Bloody Sunday commemorated;

One law for the rich;

The 'discovery' of America;

Police Gazette;

Health news-the unacceptable face...;

The election cometh;

Correction (dictatorship of the proletariat).

Compass No 95, March 1992; 8 pages

A socialist election policy: 1992;

Democracy in Albania;

The unacceptable face

Compass No 97, May 1992; 9 pages

Book review: "Perestroika: the complete collapse of revisionism"

Compass No 99, July 1992; 7 pages

The resurrection of revisionism - steps towards international revisionist unity

Compass No 101, November 1992; 87 pages

Cuban revisionism.

Compass No 102, December 1992; 9 pages + 5 page appendix


Lies, damned lies, and statistics;

More dirty tricks in Pretoria;

lraqgate (Matrix Churchill trial);


In Latin America;

in the former socialist countries;

The miners;

The unacceptable face ..;

"The cause of socialism is invincible" - speech by Nina Andreyeva, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks.

Compass No 103, January 1993; 6 pages

Hardial Bains.

On the existentialist roundabout

Compass No 104, April 1993; 4 pages

Literature and the arts at the crossroads of history (an interview with Dr Razi Brahami, from the Albanian newspaper 'Jehona')

Compass No 105, June 1993; 13 pages

'Humanitarian' imperialist intervention

Compass No 106, July 1993; 10 pages

Towards a British republic?

The English revolution of the 17th century.

Compass No 107, September 1993;15 pages

The New Communist Party and former Yugoslavia

Compass No 108, October 1993; 7 pages

Book review: Molotov's memoirs.

Compass No 109, October 1993; 5 pages

The great October socialist revolution.

Compass International Bulletin, November 1993; 1 page

Statement by the European section of the International Committee for the Restoration of the Soviet Union

Compass International Bulletin, December 1993; 9 pages

Nina Andreyeva on Stalin and 'Stalinism'

Compass No 109, January 1994; 2 pages

Fundamentalism and political reaction

Compass No 110, February 1994; 17 pages

The assassination of Trotsky.

Compass No 111, February 1994; 15 pages

United Front tactics

Compass No 112, March 1994; 22 pages

Georgi Dimitrov: tool of imperialism

Compass No 112, April 1994; 29 pages

The Popular Front in France

Compass No 113, June 1994; 6 pages

Book review: Trotskyism or Leninism? (Harpal Brar)

Compass No 114; JuIy 1994; 13 pages

Marxism-Leninism and Maoism

Compass, International Supplement, January 1994; 7 pages

The world situation as seen by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey.

Compass, International Supplement, March 1994; 2 pages

Declaration by ML parties and organisations, November 1993

Compass No 115, September 1994; 4 pages

The situation in the Stalin Society.

Compass No 116; January 1995; 35 pages

More on the fifth column in the Stalin Society.

Compass No 117, June 1995; 13 pages

Dimitrov: reply to a reader.

Compass No 118, June 1995; 4 pages

Towards a revisionist International? A paper prepared by the MLCP - Foundation (of Turkey) for the International Seminar of ML Parties, and Organisations, held in Brussels on 2-4 May 1995.

Compass No 119, July 1995; 17 pages.

Heresy in the Stalin Society.

Compass No 120, December 1995; 5 pages

Unity Conference in Turkey.

Compass No 121, January 1996. 10 pages

Book review: 'Stalin's letter to Molotov: 1925 - 1936'.

Compass No 122, March 1996; 3 pages

From Pyongyang to Brussels: the opportunists and revisionists attempt to reorganise.

Compass No 123, April 1996; 26 pages

The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War

Compass No 124, May 1996; 4 pages

Book review: 'Social Democracy. The Enemy Within' by Harpal Brar.

Compass No 125, October 1996; 7 pages

On the Russian Presidential elections (Marxist-Leninist electoral tactics).

Compass No 126, February 1997; 28 pages

The struggle against revisionism in the field of linguistics.

Compass No 127, April 1997; 6 pages

The British General Election

Compass No 128, May 1997; 11 pages

Class analysis in the modern communist movement (Presented to the international conference organised by the International Centre for the Development of Contemporary Communist Doctrine, Moscow, November 8 - 10th, 1996)

Compass No 131, November 1998; 23 pages

The Soviet Campaign against cosmopolitanism

Compass No 132, February 1999; 20 pages

Some notes on the national question (by Patrick Kessel, translated from the French and abridged by Bill Bland);

The differences in the international communist movement over Kosova (from the 'International Bulletin' of CEMOPI);

Joint press statement of the Communist Party of Albania (Reconstructed) and the New Party of Labour of Albania; editorial correction - re Mikhail Riumin.

Compass No 133, June 1999; 25 pages

Verbatim transcription of British television's 'TRIAL OF NATO' - televised 23 May, 1999,

Channel 4.

Compass No 134, June 1999; 18 pages

The National Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party (NCMLP);

Genocide in Kosova!

Meeting of German and British Marxist Leninists; Thomas Malthus and population growth;


Albania (translations from 'Feniksi' and 'Shkendija')

Compass No 135, April 2000; 3 pages

The myth of Stalin's demoralisation on 1941.

Compass No 136, July 2000; 20 pages

Documents from Albania

Compass No 137, October 2000; 5 pages

The Uprising Against the Serbian Fascist Regime

Combat - the theoretical journal of the Communist League

September 1975; 1 page

The 6 Confidence Trick.

September 1975; 24 pages

Socialism and fascism.

Racism and the working class

December 1975; 90 pages

The 'Cultural' counter revolution in China

February 1976; 42 pages

Portugal: struggle within the national bourgeoisie;

The LS tentacles spread further;

The class basis of Sakharov's "liberalism".

November 1976; 10 pages

Fascism in Italy; it could happen here

February 1977; 50 pages

Stalin: the myth and the reality;

Kautsky rides again (a review of Michael Hudson's "Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of the American Empire");

A Negro nation in the United States?;

The foreign policy of Maoist China;

China after Mao;

Where we stand: the manifesto of the Communist League.

June 1977; 95 pages

The development of society. Part 1: to feudalism

September 1978; 14 pages

Albania exposes Chinese revisionism - part 2

October 1979; 86 pages

Nyerere's "African Socialism"

June 1978; 62 pages

The Hungarian 'Soviet Republic" of 1919

INTERCOM - international news bulletin of the Communist League

No I, March 1975; Summary of world news January - July 1974; 50 pages

No 2, April 1975; Summary of world news August - December 1974 56 pages

No 3, August 1976; Summary of world news January - July 1975; 52 pages

Miscellaneous Documents

Communist League School Data on agriculture in Britain; 5 pages

Socialism and fascism; I page

Loyalism and fascism (first draft; not published); II pages

Principles of Marxism-Lernnism. An elementary course- 43 pages

Where we stand. The manifesto of the Communist League. Adopted December 1975; 5 pages

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the People's Democratic Republic of Korea; 6 pages

Theses on protection; I page

Theses on work in the trade union movement; 2 pages

The question of the Albanians in Yugoslavia, June1981; (for the Albanian Society)

The aesthetics of drama; 9 pages

Tug of War; a play in half an act, 6 pages

Hostage A play in one act; 6 pages

Tigers in the snow. A review.

July 1990 - the July events in Tirana; 12 pages

In defence of Enver Hoxha (Bland and Steinmayr); 9 pages

'Open Polemic' and democratic centralism 5 pages

Class struggle in China; 19 pages

The revolutionary process in colonial-type countries: A paper read by Bill Bland on behalf of the Communist League at the Marxist-Leninist seminar in London, July 1993; 17 pages

The way forwards, 1993; 3 pages. Proposal for a Communist Unity Committee following October Revolution meeting in Southall.

The murder of a policewoman (the case of Yvonne Fletcher)

The historical significance of Stalin's 'Economic Problems of Socialjsm in the USSR'; May 995; 31 pages (for BM; Moscow meeting?)

Engels' 'The Condition of the working class in England'. Presented to the international meeting in Italy held to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Engels, 1995(3.8 pages)

'Stalinism' - an address to the Sarat Academy in London April30, 1999

Marxism and class: some definitions; 9 pages. (shortened version of "Class analysis in the Modern

Communist Movement - see Compass No 128)

The market under socialism Clarification of points raised regarding Ella Rule's paper on Stalin's 'Economic Problems in the USSR' presented to the Stalin Society



Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau Reports


Series 1.

I. Rwanda (July 1994)

2. The revisionist attack on Marxist-Leninist economics

3. The case of Sultan-Galiyev

4. Haiti (not published)

5. The Sbakhty case

6. The Lockerbie disaster

7. Chechenya

8. The Syrtsov / Lominadze affair

9. The Industrial Party affair

10. The Ryutin case (1930-7)

11. The Aleksandr Smirnov case (1928-38)

12. The Yenukidze case (1935-7)

13. The Kirov murder

Series 2.

1. Who owns Britain?


3. British neo-imperialism

4. The 'Nation of Islam'

5. The struggle in Kosova; 18 pages.. 1999

6. The historical background to the formation of the Socialist Labour Party

7. The national question in Britain

8. Marxism and the Law

9. Marx and the theory of the absolute impoverishment of the working class under capitalism

Presentations to the Stalin Society

United Front Tactics

The Cominform fights revisionism

The Enforced Resettlements (given July 1993)

The German-Soviet non-aggression pact of 1939

The Cult of the individual 1934 - 52

The 'Doctor's case' and the death of Stalin

Stalin and the arts (given May 1993)

Stalin and the national question

Stalin, the myth and the reality

Lenin's testament

Marxism-Leninism and the arts (read September 1999)

The market under socialism: Comments on the discussion which followed Ella Rule's paper on Stalin's 'Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR' at the Stalin Society, 1999; 35 pages

The National Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party

The 'NCMLP' and its critics; 7 pages 1999

The Workers' Party of Korea and Revisionism; 18 pages. 2000

The betrayal of the Kosovars; NCMLP; Alliance (Canada); 5 pages 1999

Ireland: the way forward A statement from the NCMLP; 4 pages; 1999