(published in Albanian in Tirana, 1998)



I wrote these memoirs during a year's imprisonment by the 'democratic' state of Albania because I gave an interview in which I answered questions put to me by a journalist from the newspaper 'MODESTE' about my father, Enver Hoxha. In court I made it clear that, despite the politically inspired and vengeful nature of the punishment meted out to me, no one should be allowed to think that I could be frightened from speaking truthfully about my father or about the distant and recent past of Albania. Apart from the pleasure it gave me to write them, these memoirs are a defence of a greatly loved human being.

In these memoirs, I have described my father as I knew him during a life we shared as long as he was alive. He was a model parent who loved us, reprimanded us, advised us and taught us social morality. He was the same as grandfather to our children, his grandsons and granddaughters. I knew him also as a leader who worked all his life for Albania and its people. He was a principal architect of the great victory which the people achieved in the War of National Liberation, defeating with our own warriors the Nazi-Fascist Powers and their collaborators, getting Albania to stand shoulder to shoulder with the victorious Allied Powers. The consolidation and reconstruction of the country; its emergence from centuries of backwardness and from the total destruction which it had suffered in the war; the development of industry and the placing of agriculture on a scientific basis; the building of a nation-wide network of electric power; the development of art, culture, education and science; the emancipation of women; the honoured place which Albania gained in the world -- all these must be credited to the merit of Enver Hoxha as leader during the whole period in which he was at the head of the state.

As the honest reader will come to see, he was a true democrat in relation to the people, to the workers, peasants, intellectuals and youth, just as was harsh with external and internal enemies who tried to sabotage these achievements or to trample underfoot the independence and sovereignty of the new democratic Albania.

He died honoured by the whole people bcause he worked all his life for the people. Five years after the death of Enver Hoxha, the democratic socialist system which had been built up over 45 years of sweat and sacrifice, was overthrown. It was overthrown by dark internal and external forces who took a savage revenge, in collaboration with the imperialist powers, on those who had deprived them of political power and 'rights' of exploitation, These forces, now organised politically, knocked down his monument. In the darkness of night because of fear of the people they disinterred in a macabre manner from the Cemetery of Martyrs of the Nation the body of Enver Hoxha, the Commander-in-Chief of the national liberation struggle. 'Democracy' had been established in Albania!

Enver Hoxha was now called 'a dictator', although he was no such thing.

Persecution of his family began. In the press, whether 'left' or right, I was now called 'the son of the dictator', but this made not the slightst impression on me. I knew and shall always remember my father as model parent and far-sighted leader, determined to defend victories achieved. He was a genuine democrat -- never a dictator.

These memoirs are dedicated to my three children -- Ermal, Shk‰lzen and especially to my youngest son Besmir, who shared life with him for only three months, so that they may know their grandfather better and be proud of him, as I am.

Ilir Hoxha

August 1995.

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